Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Concepts Realized!

I found some old sketches There were several things from this sheet (that was covered with ideas) that I actually made in the last year.

The first is the Tulip pendant I wrote about earlier this year:

The second is my Butterfly Facinator. It you don't know what a facinator is, it is an eclectic hair piece that is kind on in between a barrette and a hat. You wear it when you want to stand out. If I did a little more research, I am sure I would find it had some sort of Victorian root. Not today.

I am not sure whether I have featured it on here before. Note my original sketch had three butterflies and the leaves and curly-cues were a little more spread out. When I actually made it, I condensed it. It is a fairly large facinator with one. I like the end result much better than the concept sketch.

I love making little discoveries like this. It brings me hope to know that many of these ideas knocking about in my head actually come to fruition from time to time.

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