Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where did the time go? (AKA Not my New Year's Resolution Post)

It is really amazing that before you have children, you feel like you have NO time. Between work, family, friends and home maintenance, there never seemed to be any "free" time. Well, after children, you realize how spoiled you were before. You could work long hours whenever you needed to. You could run errands after that long day at the office. On the weekends you could spend mornings doing yard work, afternoons were spent catching up on a book, lazing around a bit or catching up on what couldn't be done during the week. Evenings could be used for spending time with friends with some of that 'fun money' there seemed to be so little of even then. I've said farewell to all those precious minutes I didn't think I had before.

So what's the point? Well, I guess it is my way of explaining my embarrassing lack of postings for months on end. Bad, bad blogger.

The crafts have been few and far between, but I have managed to sneek a few minutes here and there. I will (try to) post some of the items I have worked on in the past few months soon and hopefully, as the little wonder boy becomes more independant, I will have a few more of my precious minutes back! I will never say any were wasted- they were certainly well spent on spoiling him, covering him with*MUAH* lots of mommy kisses and filling his belly with puffs and mushed up food. Now we are in the "I can move around and get into everything and put it all in my mouth" stage- so the crafts have been temporarily put away or given a new home in lesser used areas of the home.

I can't wait to get them all out again. I have a backlog of ideas and inspirations just waiting to come to life!