Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day to all! Today, I witnessed good ole' Punxsutawney Phil predict an early Spring! That is good news because I am ready- no MORE THAN ready for warmer weather.

This weekend I was able to take my little pumpkin-monkey for a walk. He can't walk yet, so for him, I guess it was more of a roll, but either way, we got to get out and enjoy the 66 degree, beautiful, sunny day. This was not once but TWICE this weekend. I was so happy and I think he was too. Really, there is only so much you can see of one house before you go stir crazy and I think he has spent a good 70% of his life in one room.

So thank you Punxsutawney Phil and a double thank-you to our local weather predicting rodent friend General Beauregard Lee who also failed to see his shadow. May you furry fellows be right!