Sunday, March 4, 2012

Painted Easter Egg Tutorial

Spring is in the air again! I just love the pastel colors and sweet baby animals Easter brings each year.

To celebrate, I put together a little tutorial for you!

I used store bought papier mache eggs. These craft paper eggs can be found inexpensively in most craft stores. 

I painted the egg form with gesso to have an even painting surface to start with. This will also make the colors more "true". Lower quality paints, or even some colors of good quality paints might be more transparent and they could appear muddy over the craft paper base. Applying gesso also creates a barrier between the base material and the paint, making the paint layer more stable.

This egg is plaid, so I started the first grid pattern in one color. Then I applied each additional color in its own pattern. You don't have to do plaid, you can use stripes, polka dots, wavy lines or whatever suits your taste.

In this example, I used a light blue base and pale purple, yellow and pink lines for the pattern.

Voila! A basket of eggs that you can enjoy each Spring and Easter for years to come. 

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