Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wood is Working

I received some wonderful craft-related gifts this Christmas. One item was a great wood burner with interchangeable tips. It was something I asked for because I was having some flashbacks to those fun craft toys you got as a child. You know- the rock tumbler, spin art, pot holder looms?

I was excited about trying out some of my new "toys" but as usual, my ideas got loftier than my current supplies allowed. I was searching for one unrelated thing in a home improvement store and walked out with a new carving tool.

I've always wanted to try woodworking- more the hammer, chisel and plane type but for now, it will be the hand held power tool type :)

I worked on a gift for a friend first. I had planned on making her a frame but now I could take it in another direction.
I free hand carved her name, her daughter's name and some messages. Then I painted the frame and painted the carved words in metallic silver for contrast. Finally, I added some fun paper as the photo placeholder.

My craft adventure did not stop there. I have been picking up various unfinished wood items over the past few years with this sort of thing in mind. I tried my hand at a nature inspired carving next. I carved a simple cherry tree into the lid of a wood box I had on hand. I am not sure how to finish it. I could stain it, paint it, guild it... options, options.

I know... I mentioned my wood burning set but clearly, I didn't use it on either of these. I guess I get distracted! I will try my hand at that next. Hopefully my skills have improved since my last attempt at wood burning when I was 10.

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