Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not on Vacation...

No, I haven't been on vacation or slacking on my project! I have been cranking out something every day without fail. However, Comcast apparently did not want me to share with the world! So I have been making the items, taking the pictures, but with no internet for several days, I was unable to post. My service was repaired this morning so here we go!

This is what I have been up to:

Day 85: Silver tone components, acrylic buttons
I realized I had not made much jewelry with white accents. These are are opaque but with the disco ball like facets, they glitter! It is subtle flash here and there, but overall, simple and I think these are very elegant.

Day 86: Silver tone components, silver tone metal beads, glass beads

Another fun, Spring- inspired creation. I made the bracelet as my project and I liked it so much, I made a necklace too!

Day 87: Czech two-tone, iridescent glass beads, silver tone components

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